Bodies of the Company

  General Meeting

The Company has a sole shareholder who is the State.

The State exercises its shareholder's rights through following ministries:

Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Industry and Trade
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Agriculture

  Supervisory Board


Vice Chairmen:
Ing. Jaroslav Ungerman, CSc.

Ing. Martin Tlapa, MBA
Ing. Eduard Muřický
Mgr. Martin Pospíšil
Ing. Július Kudla
Ing. Zdeněk Nekula
Ing. Petr Martásek
Ing. Jan Dubec
Ing. Jaroslav Koplík

  Board of Directors

Ing. Jan Procházka
Chairman of the Board

Vice Chairmen:
JUDr. Ing. Marek Dlouhý
Vice Chairmen of the Board of Directors, Head of Business Section

Ing. Martin Růžička
Member of the Board, Head of Risk Management Section

  Audit Committee

Ing. Pavel Závitkovský
date of birth 19 July 1955
Hyacintová 3266/9, 106 00 Prague 10

Vice Chairmen:
Ing. Bohuslav Poduška, CIA, CRMA
date of birth 19 January 1955
Fantova 1794/8, Prague 13 – Lužiny, 155 00

Ing. František Linhart
date of birth 27 August 1953
Novodvorská 1089/108, 142 00 Praha 4